Wake up

The “Wake Up” series strives to illuminate the common yet diverse issues present in many big cities across the globe, and which Hong Kong illustrates as a unique but somehow representative microcosm of all; Each city has its own special combination of issues; Hong Kong stands for many as the definition of the modern bustling metropolis, interlacing east and west, good and bad, beauty and brutality, freedom and constraint. Many issues contribute to the particular flavour of Hong Kong. Transport pollution created by endless cars, trucks, buses and boats which act as the blood cells of Hong Kong’s vital fluids of business and economy choke the physical body. The ethical pollution of consumerism attracts and feeds tourism and business from all points of the compass, empowering commerce to dominate the city’s psyche and choke the spirit and the creative urge. A spiral of debt and consumerism pushes the average worker to spin always in the wheel of work, enslaved to engineered media definitions of “decent lives”. Rent, mortgages, living expenses command record highs; Debt offers the chance to briefly escape the grind with a car, a widescreen TV, branded clothes or the latest smartphone shown as apps in a cloud of desires. Ironically, the liberating debt then entraps the worker with hateful 9 to 6 jobs in order to repeat this vicious cycle, the burnout eventually resulting in hopelessness, depression, insomnia, anxiety and suicide.

Dimensions45 x 45 x 3
H x W x D (cm)
Weight1 (kg)
Hang ReadyNo
Creation DateOctober 2018